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Month: April 2016

Open Book – Investments and Real Estate

Part of the motivation to become financially independent is seeing the success of others and learning from them. This is my first Open Book post and explaining my investments to you will be a good way for me to stay on course and for you to see what I am doing. I will share with you how I invest and why.

I Make Money in my Sleep

Income is what sustains us, it is what pays the bills, and knowing that this income will be there tomorrow is truly freeing. Having to stress about money is never fun but there are easy tricks that can make you relax and enjoy life. If you are like most of us and work for income, you are generating active income. You are basically trading your time for money.

No One Likes Roller Coasters

If you are invested in the stock market, you might cringe when you see your portfolio drop 10%, or even show a little tear when it drops 40% but you shouldn’t go through all of this. I have already talked about why you should be glad to invest in a Bear market and today I will expand a bit on the topic with a few tactics to ease the ride.

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