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Month: June 2016

Will the Brexit Break You?

On June 23th, 2016, Britain passed the Referendum of the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union and voted to leave the EU.


After reading about the potential impact of the UK leaving the EU and through a lot of chatter at work (I work in investments), I had been cautioned about the potential for increased financial market volatility for some time. 

Trip to New York’s Adirondacks

This weekend, we joined some friends to the Adirondacks mountains up in New York State. After a little drive, we were in the middle of nature, in the cold, cold, nature.

We walked the beautiful trails for over 3 hours and it got me thinking about the true importance of financial independence in my life. I will try to share my thoughts in a readable fashion, hopefully, you can find some value in my observations.

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