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While most other bloggers in the field are already retired or write about personal finance full-time, I started my path only a year,  2,  3 years ago and will take you with me throughout my challenges and accomplishments.

Hi, we are Mr. and Mrs. Xyz from Montreal, Canada. Since starting this blog in my mid-twenties, I married my wonderful wife, and we now have a little girl together. We will do our best to share with you ways and thoughts to get to the ultimate freedom. Financial freedom!

Throughout my university years, I have learned a lot and I am now working for one of the biggest banks in Canada. Let me share my knowledge, my journey, and my passion with you.


About Our Financial PathThis is us during our latest trip to California!

Financial Independence with Baby Xyz


After discovering the wonderful topic of Financial Independence, I started reading blog after blog, book after book on this idea of a free life and early retirement.

While reading and learning a bunch, I have noticed that most blogs like The Root of Good or Mr. Money Mustache or Financial Samurai were written by retired guys that achieved their goals and now, they were sharing their great knowledge. I thought; wouldn’t it be fun to follow someone on their path to financial independence? Like, before the millions in the bank.

So here I am, 25 years old me, taking the leap and sharing with you my challenges and accomplishments of my path towards financial independence and early retirement. My goal is to be financially independent and retire in 10 years or less.


I want to retire in 10 years.


Wait, why retire at 35 years old? Won’t the golf course and Florida vacation house will get boring?

Yes. We are not actually retiring, we are aiming to reach FIRE. With the power of compound interest and a high savings rate, we have every tool in front of us to reach our goals.

Reaching FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) ultimately means that we could sustain all of our expenses through our investments or passive income. Once the money is out of the picture, we can focus on our true passions and work on whatever projects we want.

We are not there yet but once we are, we simply want to spend time with people we love, doing the things we like. It might still include work and some projects might generate some income but at least, it will be exactly what we feel like doing. No more Monday morning sales meeting, no more 8 A.M. commute in traffic, just stuff we like to do, every day.

Our goal is not to live a lavish life of luxuries, we just want financial freedom.

We currently aim to save over 50% of our income and hope to increase this savings rate up to 70% to finally accumulate enough assets to cover our expenses. With this high savings rate, we should reach our goals in no time!

This might sound like a total cockamamie to you (yes, you are allowed to Google that word) but even when we save that much, we are not sacrificing much. Wouldn’t say it is easy to save that much but it is certainly not unfeasible.

We still go out to nice restaurants once in a while, we still own a beautiful 2-story house and two cars. Our cars might be over 10 years old but they still look great and get us where we want!


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Our story in 5 points

  • We started investing in individual stocks until we lost $2,000 in a single day.
  • Finally switched everything to index funds a year later.
  • Bought two used cars without any financing, keeping our cost low. 
  • Bought our first home at 24. Didn’t take the biggest mortgage possible.
  • Got married at 26. We share the same vision and goals, which is awesome!


Working until 65 is nothing we could dream of and with a solid plan, our path to financial independence at 35 is clear. Meanwhile, we live a wonderful fulfilling life together, even if we are still working full-time.

Although the American corporate culture pressures society to work harder and longer, we take the time to pursue our hobbies and passions while living life to the max. We value our time more than anything else and that’s exactly what we are saving for; we are buying our time back from the Man.

For each penny we are investing, we are growing our freedom-wealth.


So what topics do we cover?

  • Personal Finance
  • Financial Independence
  • Investing
  • Paying Off Debt
  • Travel Hacking
  • Our Path…


Even if we are Canadian,  we try to write as neutral as possible since a lot of you come from the U.S., or anywhere else in the world. You can start following us via email and if you are completely new to the financial independence concept, we explain it in detail here and in many other posts.

If you are curious about how we invest our money and would like to know our exact holdings, you can see where we invest and why by reading our Open Book series. To take advantage of all the great tools we use and to get ahead in your financial path, check out our recommendations for greater wealth. They are all free and all super practical.


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