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Want to reach financial freedom and live happily? Maybe retire early?

The basics are pretty simple; Stay out of debt, Start saving, Invest your savings, and continually Educate yourself.

We live by these and, honestly, it changed our lives. Once we discovered we could achieve financial independence in less than a decade, we were ecstatic. Following our journey towards early retirement will hopefully be inspiring and to never miss an article, join us and get our posts delivered straight to your email (plus a little gift just to sign-up).

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Are you brand new to this and have no idea where you are going? The first step to financial freedom is to have a budget and know your net worth. The best tool we have found (and free!) is Personal Capital.

We have used Mint before but Personal Capital goes one step further and offers great tools to for investors such as their Portfolio Fee Analyzer that will show you how much you are actually paying to run your investment portfolio.

We like it for its ease of use and detailed tools for investors. Therefore, this should be your first step to financial freedom and thankfully, it is the easiest step since it is free to sign-up! You can read our full review and see what you are missing out.


The second best thing to do is to learn as much as you can. Minimize your mistakes and make conscious decisions about your future. Happy readings! 🙂


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If you are passionate about personal finance and passionate about our blog (thank you!) you can take the time to read every article we have ever wrote.

You will see us go through topics such as personal finance, financial independence, investing, living debt-free, travel hacking, and our general path towards financial freedom.

If you are like us and cannot imagine working until 65 or feel stuck under consumer debt, you are at the right place. Start taking control of your financial life and master your finances!


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