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Consider This Before Traveling Overseas

Me and Mrs. Xyz are always dreaming up some exotic place to live once we hit our big number and retire. We use tools like the Expatistan interactive map to estimate the cost of living overseas and budget our retirement expenses. Living outside of North America allows you to stretch your dollar and increase your standard of living, depending on where you choose to live.


Trip to New York’s Adirondacks

This weekend, we joined some friends to the Adirondacks mountains up in New York State. After a little drive, we were in the middle of nature, in the cold, cold, nature.

We walked the beautiful trails for over 3 hours and it got me thinking about the true importance of financial independence in my life. I will try to share my thoughts in a readable fashion, hopefully, you can find some value in my observations.

Traveling to Guatemala

Back in 2014, I went on a 1 month-long trip to Guatemala with my family. This trip really changed my views on life and on the meaning of happiness in general. To relate to my financial path, seeing and learning this culture helped me realize how it is possible to live on a lower budget while living a fulfilling, happy, life.

My Bank Gave Me 1000$ This Year

Yeah, that’s right! I made over 1000$ from my bank this year, and you can do the same.   (EDIT: We got even more in 2016!)

Here is the thing; most personal finance recommendations will say to keep your money in a high-yield savings accounts and use a good cashback credit card to get 1% back on all your purchases.  I say; do the math and see how much you can really get.

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