A while ago, I’ve written a post on the importance of bonds in a portfolio but did not publish it. I chose to rather share it with my friend Gen Y Finance Guy to guest post on his site. I have been following his blog since he started out and really enjoy his views and writing style.


GYFG has been sharing his thoughts now for 2 years and shares his net worth in full transparency along the way. With an impressive nest egg target of $10M (in net worth), he has much grander objectives than me! I joined the Million Dollar Club and aim to achieve that in the next 10 years but he is planning to get at that mark by 2020 and then cross the $10M mark by 2035. I admire his ambition and transparency, if you did not know about his blog already you can start by reading my full post;



I’m glad to be part of the financial blogging community and if you own a blog, I would like to get in touch and maybe we can work together 🙂