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California Life. Pennies on the Dollar!

We have not posted in a while since we were enjoying the hot summer in California last week! We traveled for a total of 8 days, flew a total of 5338 miles, ate a total of 4 hamburgers, and spent less than an average week’s worth of rent in San Francisco.

The first flight we took was to San Francisco with a connection in LAX.

We Only Spent $2,359 on our Honeymoon

Last September, we got married and waited until the winter to go off on our honeymoon. After much consideration, we decided to escape the snow in Mexico. With a few travel hack and rewards points, we were able to cut our costs down drasticaly. All through our trip, we have kept a tab and tracked our expenses to share with you guys.

Traveling Through South-East Asia on a Budget

Way back in 2009, before I had met my wife and way before I discovered the early retirement concept, my parents took us (me and my sisters) to a long trip in South-East Asia. During this trip, we traveled through Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos, flying through continents, walking through borders, and backpacking across mountain ranges. Traveling there and meeting the locals and ex-pats really opened my eyes to what I would later label as; Financial Independence.

My Bank Gave Me 1000$ This Year

Yeah, that’s right! I made over 1000$ from my bank this year, and you can do the same.   (EDIT: We got even more in 2016!)

Here is the thing; most personal finance recommendations will say to keep your money in a high-yield savings accounts and use a good cashback credit card to get 1% back on all your purchases.  I say; do the math and see how much you can really get.

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