9 Things we Must do on our Next Trip to Los Angeles

We visited California last summer and really enjoyed Los Angeles. The weather is absolutely amazing, the beaches are endless, and the people are great. The only thing was the traffic! Everywhere we went had a lot of traffic but it was so worth it! We never thought about what to do in Los Angeles, we just did. There was just so many things to do in LA that we decided to plan another trip down there next winter.

We were having a chat with our friend Bernz JP who blogs over at Moneylogue and he suggested a few things we absolutely need to do on our next trip to LA. Hopefully, these lesser-known spots will not be packed.

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Bernz was kind enough to write up this guest post detailing his suggestions, we will try to see them all and hope it will help you plan your next trip too. According to him, these unique places to visit in Los Angeles are the real stars of the show…


 – So Bernz, let’s say we want to skip the $50 entry to look at Dr. Phil’s house and the obnoxiously tacky celebrity tour van is not our thing, where should we visit during our next stay?

Hollywood Boulevard, Universal Studios, Rodeo Drive; even if you have not seen these historic Los Angeles landmarks, you have probably heard enough about them to skip the whole ordeal.


Take a stroll through The Museum of Death

Among the lives of the rich and famous lives a sobering reminder that no amount of money or fame in the world can stop our inevitable physical demise.

Skip the traditional Los Angeles museums; The Museum of Death is home to the largest collection of serial killer artwork, full-sized execution devices, and body bag collections.

Plan to stop at this grizzly location before lunch – fainting and an upset stomach are not uncommon. Enter if you dare.


chandelier tree silver lakeSource: We Like LA


Snap the perfect photo at The Chandelier Tree

On a quiet street in Silver Lake, an illuminated tree lights up the residents below. Over 30 chandeliers cover the branches, providing a luminous light show for the guests. Brion Topolski and Adam Tenenbaum created The Chandelier Tree as an art installation for the Silver Lake residence. The Chandelier Tree is a beautiful opportunity for a first date, proposal, or engagement photos.

The crystal-covered cypher tree is illuminated most nights, but make sure to check the Facebook page before going – it does take some nights off.


WACKOFeed your inner hipster at WACKO

Behind the rainbow graffiti walls on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard lie a little store named WACKO. This punk-inspired toy store features rows of pop culture collectibles. Betty Page calendars, limited edition Tokidoki Barbie, and even a $15,000 seven and a half foot sculpture are up for grabs. Make sure to stop by neighbors Soap Plant and La Luz De Jesus.

The Soap Plant carries eclectic beauty supplies, jewelry, and other handmade anomalies. La Luz De Jesus is an art gallery just upstairs of WACKO. La Luz De Jesus is widely regarded as the start the California art movement known as “lowbrow.”


Dine in the dark at Opaque

No phones at the dinner table may be a new concept to some, but dining in complete darkness is certainly a new experience for most. After leaving your cell phone at the door, guests are quite literally guided to their table by the server, who is donning a pair of night vision goggles.

Total visual deprivation heightens your remaining senses, allowing the smell and taste of the food to take over the experience.

You may want to leave your fancy dress at home for this one, dining in the dark can be a messy experience for the uncoordinated.


Explore the Underground Tunnels

Below the City of Angels are a network of underground paths, used by corrupt city officials during the prohibition to smuggle alcohol. Finding the tunnels can be more fun than walking the actual channels themselves.

A series of hidden entrances throughout the city make for a fun scavenger hunt type of event. The mostly empty tunnels now have an eerie, unnerving feel to them. The ghosts of the underground L.A. party scene roam the depths below, leaving only the hollow hallways of what once was behind.


Source: Visit California


Stargaze at the Griffith Observatory

For an incredible view of the city and the skies, head over to Griffith Observatory. You can visit the grounds, view the cosmos, and walk through the exhibits for free during normal business hours (open until 10 p.m.). If you didn’t feel small enough in the big city, the views of the sparkling skyline serve as a humbling reminder of just how enormous the city really is.

Check out the Weekly Sky report beforehand to know what’s in store for the evening.


Source: California Beaches


Catch a wave at Surfrider Beach

If you’re going to try your hand at surfing, this is the place to do it. The iconic Surfrider Beach is known for its killer waves and infamous surfer meet-ups.

Plan your trip during the less busy months; while Surfrider beach isn’t the most popular spot in L.A., it can still get fairly busy during the summer.


Get lost in The Last Bookstore

The Last Bookstore is Los Angeles’s largest book and record store. New and used treasures buried within the 22,000 square feet of aisles are sure to be the highlight of any bookworm’s trip. Not only can you find a plethora of books and records, but you can also sell your collection too.

The Last Bookstore began in 2005 at a downtown Los Angeles loft, and after three major renovations has grown to over 22,000 square feet. This is truly a unique place to visit in L.A.


Attractions in LASource: Wise Barbecue


Grab a bite from one of L.A.’s famous food trucks

Los Angeles is known for its cutting-edge culinary creations. Instead of breaking the bank at a swanky downtown reservation, try a famous food truck. Various locations throughout the city offer some of the best street tacos, Korean fusion, creative desserts, and really anything else you could ever want. The convenience and usually cheap price tag make this unique Los Angeles outing a favorite for visitors and locals alike.

Alright, so we have our whole itinerary planned up for our next trip! We will probably be traveling to L.A. next year and, this time, we will be ready to explore these unique spots. If you have other ideas, share along!

What are your favorite places in Los Angeles to visit? Let us know in the comments below!