how to travel the world for freeEver wondered how we can afford to travel so much? We travel the world and stay in luxurious hotels for a fraction of the price! On our honeymoon, for example, we stayed in a penthouse suite and got a total bill of $0.00!!! We can also travel pretty much anywhere in the world for next to nothing and we would like to help you do the same. Just tell us where you want to go and any stops you would like to do along the way and we will help you get there faster. The beauty with travel hacking is that you can use credit cards to your advantage and use points to travel instead of using your hard-earned dollars. We will show you how to quickly accumulate rewards points, how to choose the right airlines and routes, and how to enjoy free travel just like we do.   travel hacking reward cards

So where are you going?  We will get you there.