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If You’re Selling in 2021, Fix These Outdated Fixtures First!

Have you ever noticed that every commercial that takes place in a home is beautifully designed, updated, and looks fresh out of a HGTV makeover show? They never show homes with older appliances, pine cabinets, formica countertops and outdated tiling. They never show homes that look like what most of our homes probably look like. 

The name of the game is update, update, update. People want the newest appliances, latest trends, and fixtures that don’t look like they’re decades old. And, if you’re thinking about selling your house anytime soon, you may want to look around your home for areas that need work.

Here are some outdated home features to fix up before selling.

1. Mismatch paint colors, bold colors, and/or wallpaper

You may have painstakingly chosen the paint colors in your home that matches your aesthetic, but not all buyers are going to be smitten with that neon green dining room or that powder room with gold brocade wallpaper. If you’re going to sell, you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and cover the bold colors and patterns with a neutral color palette

Neutrals are more appealing because it’s easier for the buyer to seem themselves and their belongings in the space. Neutrals allow them to pay attention to details in the home without being distracted by overwhelming paint colors.

2. Outdated, stained, or worn flooring

Buyers aren’t going to look too favorably on homes with carpeting that’s seen better days, vinyl flooring from the 70s, or scratched up hardwood to name a few examples. Today buyers are interested in hard surface flooring. Colors and styles can vary, but cool tones, shades of grey, flooring in creative patterns, and (interestingly enough) wood that looks a little distressed. 

3. Kitchens with old fixtures, appliances, and more

Kitchens are the heart of the home and buyers want a kitchen that feels more like a dungeon. Buyers want kitchens with stainless steel appliances, islands, walk-in pantries, and stylish backsplashes among other things. Buyers also want lots of storage space so their many small appliances can be tucked away out of sight and have plenty of space so they can stock up on food for emergencies.

4. Neglected patios and/or decks

Patios and decks were incredibly popular in 2020 because people wanted a space in their home where they could enjoy some fresh air. So, if you have a deck whose stain is faded, has loose boards or railings, or the planks are cracking which could cause splinters… You might want to invest some time and money into improving the deck’s condition. If your patio is cracked or there are weeds growing in between the pavers, take care of that as soon as possible. Power washing is also a great way to give your decks or patios a fresh look. You’d be amazed at how old years of dirt and grime build up can age things!

5. Energy inefficiencies

According to insights from top agents for selling in 2021, energy efficiency is a huge selling point for buyers. Not only are they interested in being eco-friendly, they want to save money! You can improve your home’s energy efficiencies by replacing doors and windows, air sealing and insulating your attic, plant shade trees around your home to keep it cooler in the summer, and upgrade appliances and systems to be more energy efficient. 

Sellers shouldn’t have much difficulty selling their houses because there’s no shortage of qualified buyers out there. Heck, there are more buyers than houses in many markets! However, if you want to attract a wide range of buyers and even get multiple offers, you need to get rid of the outdated features and invest in what buyers want. It may cost you money, but if you choose your upgrades wisely, you could add a lot of value to your home. You know the saying – you need to spend money to make money!

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