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Who are we anyway?

How to retire at 35

We are Mr. and Mrs. Xyz from Montreal, Canada. Since starting this blog in my mid-twenties, I married my wonderful wife, and we now have a little girl together. We will do our best to share with you tricks and thoughts to reach the ultimate freedom. Financial freedom!

If you are currently struggling with debt or trying to save up for early retirement, we can help. We are on the path to reach financial independence at 35 years old and want to take you along on our journey through our financial independence blog.

We truly believe anyone can achieve their goals and drastically improve their financial house in no time! Start reading, learn, laugh, and enjoy the ride.

We are currently traveling the world (for almost nothing!) and will post our adventures, travel tips, and journey for the next few months.

Traveling with an infant is not easy but it sure is an amazing experience!

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